Alex Healey
Alex is the person behind the Martlets email account  making sure everyone knows how and when to book onto courses, how to pay for them etc.

Ann Williams
Ann will be making sure that all aspects of the Martlets programme are communicated on the website, in newsletters and on Facebook.

Catharine Hartley
Catharine is in charge of the sailing aspects  communicating with Rear Commodore (Sailing), Bosun, Dutyman, and on Mill Pond water levels.

Debbie Millard
Debbie is responsible for making sure course registration happens as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Sophie Pitman
Sophie is responsible for making sure we have Senior Instructors and Dinghy Instructors, working closely with the RYA Principal.

Steph Barker
Steph will be making sure we have sufficient Assistant Instructors to make the Martlets courses work and making sure it works for them too!
Everyone can be reached by emailing martlets@emsworthsc.org.uk 

We look forward to working with you all to make sure that Martlets continues to run smoothly.

Best wishes

The Martlets Team



Martlets is the training scheme for Juniors, run at Emsworth Sailing Club for Club Members. The goal of Martlets is to instil in children the basic skills and confidence to allow them to enjoy sailing, safely and confidently.

It is open to all Juniors who, at the start of the season, are in school year 2 or above. There is no upper age limit, however, the fact that the scheme is run in Optimists tends to limit participation to children up to around the age of 12. While children sail Optimists up to age 15, older / larger children are likely to find learning in an Optimist a little cramped!

The training is run using the RYA syllabus, with qualified RYA instructors, and children are eligible for RYA certificates at the end of the course. Because we use external, paid, instructors there is a charge for the courses, which is calculated to cover the cost of hiring the instructors.

The Martlets training typically starts in late April and runs until late June for 12 weeks. Beginners and Improvers are run in the safety and security of the Mill Pond. Advanced Martlets train on the harbour. During the May half term and the summer holidays there are also training weeks on the harbour.

For full information on the range of Martlets training courses, click here

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at martlets@emsworthsc.org.uk

Ann Williams
Martlets Coordinator






Please note that Club activities, including training courses and social events, are for Club Members and their Guests or by agreement with or at the invitation of a Club Committee.

Membership enquiries should be addressed to the Club Secretary.

Martlets training comprises three courses: 

Martlets for Beginners
 8 – 10 week courses on the Mill Pond, broadly based on RYA Stage 1.
The objective is to get children sailing confidently and with smiles on their faces!
Course content:
• Launching and recovery from the pontoon
• Basic knowledge of the parts of the boat
• Rigging their boat with assistance
• Able to steer and understand basic principles of sailing
Martlets for Improvers
8 – 10 week course on the Mill Pond but when possible some sessions in the harbour, broadly based on RYA Stages 2 & 3.
The objective of the Improvers Course is to consolidate their knowledge and skills and build their confidence to allow them to sail on the tide in the harbour.
Course content:
• Rigging their boat without assistance
• Basic sailing skills and wind awareness
• Capsize recovery!
• Ability to control boat speed
• Sail a triangular course independently
• Basic understanding of tying knots
• To be able to participate in some racing
Advanced Martlets
6 – 8 sessions (dependent on the tide) in the harbour, broadly based on RYA Stages 3 and Start Racing.
The objective of the advanced course is to build confidence sailing in the harbour and introduce sailors to racing.
Course content:
• Launch and return to the beach or pontoons
• Sail a triangular course
• Master the five essentials 
• Improve wind awareness
• Develop racing techniques




Beginners and Improvers Martlets training takes place using either glass-fibre, wooden or plastic Optimists. The Optimist is a world-recognised training and racing one-design class, which holds its value very well. Optimists are also used for class racing during Junior weeks.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate other classes on the Mill Pond.

If families do not have an Optimist, there are two Club Optimists available for hire. Please contact the Club Secretaries by email or on 01243 372850 seven days a week, 0900 - 1300.

Please also note that all boats must be insured to a level of £2,000,000 third party and be maintained in a fully seaworthy condition.

The 'Mill Pond Centreboard'

If your child is joining the Mill Pond Martlets (Beginners & Improvers) they will need a short centreboard because of the shallow water. These are relatively easy to make. You simply need to copy all the dimensions of your existing centreboard but make it 80cm/32 inches (approx.) long.

Advanced Martlets (on the harbour)

Advanced Martlets training takes place using two classes of boat, either a glass-fibre Optimist or an RS Tera. Both classes are also used for racing during Junior weeks.


Please note that all boats must be insured to a level of £2,000,000 third party and be maintained in a fully seaworthy condition.







MILL POND MARTLETS (Beginners and Improvers):

Saturdays for 10 consecutive weeks from 25 April until 27 June 2015.

Session 1 Saturday 25 April 15:00 – 19:00 (HW17:22)
Session 2 Sunday 3 May 10:00 – 14:00 (HW12:09)
Session 3 Saturday 9 May 14:00 - 18:00 (HW16:04)
Session 4 Sunday 10 May 15:00 – 19:00 (HW 17:00)
Session 5 Sunday 17 May 09:30 - 13:30 (HW11:36)
Session 6 Saturday 23 May 14:00 - 18:00 (HW16:07)
Session 7 Sunday 31 May 09:00 – 13:00 (HW10:58)
Session 8 Saturday 6 June 13:00 - 17:00 (HW15:05)
Session 9 Sunday 14 June 08:30 – 12:30 (HW 10:33)
Session 10 Sunday 21 June 13:30 – 17:30 (HW 15:40)


Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th April for Improvers and Advanced Martlets

May Half Term
Tuesday 26th - Friday 29th May for Beginners, Improvers and Advanced Martlets

Monday 17th – Friday 21st August for Beginners, Improvers and Advanced Martlets



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