All Billets for parking spaces on the terrace and in Mountbatten Park shall be granted subject to the terms of the Dinghy Park Licence that members are deemed to have accepted when they apply for a parking space and when they renew each year thereafter.  A copy of the Dinghy Park Licence is available in the office and on the Club website.
– how it happened
View from the Bridge by Chris Clode, Commodore - 21 May 2013
Photos (Don Manson) - 20 May 2013





What is the Members' Area?


To access the Members' Area click the link button

on the ESC Home Page

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive your verification email sent at Step 4 please check your spam folder. If the email is not in your spam folder please see below.


Over the years Emsworth Sailing Club has provided more and more services to its members, from junior race training to a monthly eNewsletter and there are plans for further activities.

This has led to much more information being held by the Club about the membership.

In addition to the basic details for each member - contact, subscription rate and billet details - we now keep records of door access cards, sail training qualification, the duty rota, winch users, race officer qualifications, powerboat qualifications, dinghy instructor qualifications, pool resuscitation course, expiry dates - the list goes on and on ...

This information has been held independently by various Club 'departments' and coordination has become more and more difficult.

The logical solution is to centralise records into a single database which is accessible by all. Therefore during 2012 the Club introduced a new Database (Medusa) to contain this information.  The new, simple to use and highly secure system is accessible via the Members' Area and includes DutyMan, our duty rota system.  It can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and a browser.

Each ESC member will receive a login name by email and will be asked to provide their personal password and optional additional security word. They can then login to check and update their details which include:

1. Home contact details
a. Address
b. Phone number

2. Personal contact details
a. Email address
b. Mobile phone number
c. Preferred method of contact etc.
d. How you like to be addressed

3. Interests
a. Control the topics of information you want to be told about and filter out what you don’t.

4. Qualifications
a. Keep the Club informed of your qualifications for more suitable duty allocation.

5. Availability
a. Set the times you are available for duties and the times you are not.

6. Duty preferences
a. Indicate the types of duties you would prefer.
7. Minutes of Meetings

The Members' Area
also gives you access to an on-line directory of Club members and boats.

To access Members' Area click the link button

1.  AOL accounts

AOL users who read their emails with a version of the AOL Desktop earlier than 5.0 (the current version is 9.7) are experiencing a particular problem with emails from Medusa. Unlike most email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail, older versions of AOL Desktop do not identify hyperlinks in incoming emails so the user just sees plain text with nothing to click.

In these cases the hyperlink (starting with https://) must be copied to the address line of your browser to open it. You may cut and paste or retype the link to your browser.

This may also be happening to other email accounts using old email readers. Links should be coloured blue and underlined similar to the email address below. If this is not the case, please use the method outlined above.

If you require any more assistance, please email Mark at DatabaseAdmin@emsworthsc.org.uk

2. Gmail and Googlemail accounts

If you require any more assistance, please email Mark at DatabaseAdmin@emsworthsc.org.uk

3. Non-receipt of verification email

If you are not receiving the verification email (steps 4, 5) and it is not in your spam folder,  it is possible that your email address has been incorrectly recorded on Medusa.  Please email DatabaseAdmin@emsworthsc.org.uk





  ESC Members' Handbook 2014












by Chris Clode, ESC Commodore 2012–14
Over 150 members joined in the Opening Ceremony of the new development on Saturday 18 May 2013, when Paralympic Sailing Gold Medallist Helena Lucas MBE cut the red ribbon to signal the completion of the development.

Also present were Rt Hon David Willetts, MP for Havant, the RYA's John Derbyshire, Robert McDonald from the Conservancy and Rev Simon Sayers, who said a short prayer.

The Family Fun Children's Party followed, with dancing, magicians, a scavenger hunt and a photo quiz.

This was followed by a fabulous Sail Past.

Ollie's BBQ at 1830 saw more than 240 fed and watered by his team – quite a feat considering the amount of work they had already put in that day! Members sat down to enjoy their food inside the Club and out – on the picnic tables, on the Upper Deck and in the new Training Room.

At 2000 Paul Brown fired up The Magic Disco - whereupon all the children took to the dance floor, enjoying some great music.

2100 saw a fabulous Firework Display, following which it was the turn of the adults to rock the night away until closing time at midnight.

A huge thank you to Rear Commodore House Sarah Brown and her team for putting on such a great day for everyone and also to Ollie, Eloise and their team for coping so magnificently with large numbers of people all day long.

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