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Emsworth Sailing Club has a great variety of dinghy sailing to offer. The Club is accessible for about two to three hours either side of high water – don’t let the endless mud and weed at low water discourage you!

Dinghy activities consist of racing for both juniors and adults. The racing is often organised in partnership with the Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club with common courses and joint results. Most racing uses the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system.

Popular classes at the Club include Laser, RS400, Wayfarer, Feva, Tera, Pico, Topper and Optimist.

Down-harbour races, which make up The Commodore's Cup, are longer distance races which go to the harbour entrance and Pilsey Sands. A special event amongst these is the Curtis Plate, which includes legs outside the harbour entrance.

A well-supported format is the Multi Series, where three short races are held on one day in the region of Sweare Deep. Evening racing is held during the summer as dictated by the tide. At the end of each season the Hare & Hounds is a closely fought inter-club competition between ESC, Emsworth Slipper and Thorney Island Sailing Clubs. Currently the Club hosts open meetings each year for the Laser and Feva classes.

Junior sailing usually begins on Saturday mornings in Optimists in the safe environment of the Mill Pond. There is a thriving social programme and organised training to the highest level. The Club is a recognised RYA Training Centre and a Volvo Championship Club.

In addition to racing, the Club is an excellent starting point for cruising around the harbour. Destinations include nearby Fowley Island, East Head at harbour entrance, and the Royal Oak at Langstone.

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Please visit the Portsmouth Yardstick page of the RYA website for full information:








ESC has adopted the RYA Charter.
What does this mean?

You, as a competitor, should expect:

  • To be provided with racing that is fair, enjoyable and safe.
  • To receive services that conform to RYA guidelines.
  • To be able to inform the Club when services are not to an acceptable standard.
  • To have prompt services to resolve any dispute.

For your part, you will be expected to:

  • Show courtesy and respect to other competitors, officials and other users of the water.
  • Compete in compliance with the rules.
  • Use the provided services to resolve any disputes.

Should you be involved in a dispute you will be able to choose to have an advisory or a mediation hearing rather than a full protest hearing.  These are simpler and less formal ways of resolving disputes.  The Club will be appointing advisors and mediators for them shortly.

The Club has nominated the RO on any day to liaise with competitors and to feed back their comments to the Sailing Committee.

The Charter is printed on a flyleaf to the RRS.  Further details are available in leaflets in the Clubhouse and on the RYA website.


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Rear Commodore (Sailing)










Hard copy is available in the Race Management Handbook in the Club.

The on-the-water rules are broadly as before, but there have been some changes, notably to the entry arrangements.  The main differences are:

Signing On

You must complete the Entry sheet at least 15 minutes before the start.  The RO might be willing to accept an entry after that, but only if you report to him to complete the form.

The Entry form also requires you to state the name of your crew, and how many on board are under 18.

If you have a non-member on board his name and address must be in the Visitors' book at either ESC or ESSC.  If he is under 18 he must have lodged a valid junior declaration at one of the clubs, even if he is a non-member.


If you are retiring you should inform a Patrol Boat if possible.

Rules Disputes

Additional, less formal, procedures are available for hearings – see separate notice regarding the RYA Charter.






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