Tuesday 15 May 2018

Due to two incidents of groups of non members gaining access to the swimming pool the code for the pool has changed again. This is on display in the outer office.   The code for the changing rooms etc. remain the same for the moment.  Apologies for the inconvenience but this is necessary to try to ensure our premises are secure.  Please do not give this code out to anyone at all.

Thank you.

Club Office

27 April 2018

If your child is not potty trained and is entering the pool, please use a neoprene swim nappy cover as a second layer of protection.

A limited supply of nappy covers will be available ON LOAN in the ladies’ and men’s changing rooms and should be returned rinsed and clean after use. For those wishing to buy their own, neoprene swim nappy covers are available in shops and online.

Thank you.

Jane Scott
Vice Commodore
16 April 2018

It was good to have the pool open again on Saturday 14 April – a big thank you to all the volunteers who turned up at 0900 on the 13th for the work party. Also to the brave Junior Captain, Hugo Warwick, and friends who jumped in en masse to open the pool for the season. 

Pool vertical steps
Only the steps on the eastern side have been fitted this year because a new solar pool cover, which will fit all the way to the western edge, is on order. This should hopefully put more heat into the pool from the sun, and also make the cover easier to close than the existing cover, which sometimes got caught on the steps.

Please remember to put the pool cover back after a swim as it keeps the pool warm and reduces our gas usage.

New 'in pool' steps
We have also ordered some new 'in pool’ steps, to be built inside the pool at the shallow western corner. Unfortunately, this work was not completed before we opened the pool because of the weather, so they will now be built in October. Once constructed, it will be easier for members who struggle to get in and out of the pool using the existing vertical steps. It will also make it easier get any casualty out of the water.

Looking forward to a lovely sunny swimming season!

Alan Perry
Jane Scott
Vice Commodore (Estates)
22 February 2018

We had a very good swimming season in 2017 and the pool was as popular as ever (we could tell by the chlorine usage!).

Many members may not appreciate that we pay a pool company for only three hours a week to clean the pool and monitor the chemical levels.  The rest of the work is done by volunteers. We have a pool rota to open and close the pool each day, and we need some new rota members, please.

In particular, if you live near the Club, we will need volunteers to close the pool at 20:00, for just one night a week each. Better still, if you happen to swim in the evening and could close the pool for us afterwards, that would be a real result! All that needs to be done is to check that the pool insulating cover has been pulled back, then close the padlock at about 20:00.

Whilst writing, we would like to thank all our current volunteer team, in particular Marcus who monitors the gas boiler to keep the water nice and warm!

We will be having a work party on 13 April 2018 to open the pool for the coming season – see you all there to help!

Alan Perry
Jane Scott
Vice Commodore (Estates)


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