given by Paul Flint on 28 March 2019

Tim loved his family and his friends but he had a mistress - the sea and a love with a curiosity for all things sailing, nautical and marine.

This love affair started way back by a chance decision to have a go at sailing on a gravel pit outside Chichester instead of playing cricket at Chichester High. Tim must have thought that in sailing people generally don't throw things at you. Tim was hooked and keen to venture further afield and learn more!

So, thanks to Jack Holt and in true Barry Bucknell style, Tim built himself a Mirror dinghy in a tent at the bottom of his parents' garden in Ford. A friend helped carry it to the River Arun and luckily the current was flowing in the correct direction for them to end up at the Arun yacht club. I don't imagine that Tim left it to chance!

This is where he really learnt the art of sailing and racing dinghies. But more importantly started teaching sailing (another thread that runs through his life).

Tim was the Arun river ferry boat driver as well as racing his Fireball and other dinghies at the same time as teaching sailing each summer throughout his uni years. Following uni he went off to work for Heinz, but the pull of the sea was too much and so he got a job at the National Sailing Centre on the Isle of Wight.

Honing that skill he had at passing on information, giving clear instruction in a very reassuring, kind and gentle way, a way that caught the eye and attention of a young female soon to be sailing instructor! Laurie had a lovely week!

Tim moved to chief instructor now at Rockley Roint where he was joined by Laurie, by this time a qualified nurse and sailing instructor. Simple fun times had by all. In 1984 Tim and Laurie went north - inland for a park managers job in Welwyn Garden City, but the pull again of the sea was too much - and the sea always wins. Tim and Laurie headed back south to Emsworth and dropped anchor.

Emsworth Sailing Club members should now block their ears. Tim and Laurie joined Slipper for a spell prior to ESC. They soon made an amazing friend base as is testament here today at The Oaks crematorium. Tim’s gentle and non-confrontational nature with Laurie’s charm and wit made their progression and acceptance into Emsworth and ESC seamless.

Tim may not have been teaching sailing for a living but with a young family, he wanted to pass on his passion, his love and experience to his family and future generations of young sailors by using his skills at the club.

One of Tim's legacies was set about when Tim was helping Ann Wallace in ESC junior sailing week. Tim hit on the idea of borrowing 6 oppies from the RYA, launching them on the mill pond and letting young members have a go! Mayhem--- the rest is history, inspiring generations. Still keen to impart knowledge and teach, Tim was involved in setting up the club RYA programme to train instructors. Raising the safety and sailing standards, but more importantly encouraging others to teach in a Tim like style. I am sure you know who you are and how you benefited from being involved with Tim.

At the sailing club Tim became a loyal and committed committee member and progressed to what one could say, was one of the most effective commodores, setting the club up as the desirable facility it is today with a reputation that is second to none in Chichester harbour. Possibly helped by his ability to add calm and obtain concessions without anyone losing face. Even recently Tim was selflessly giving his time using his processor brain for the good of the club.

Tim loved all things ESC - his mooring, the sailing, the people - talks, film nights, pies and of course the beer. Tim was a great thinker, always thinking of the club and members from young members to the clock winders (as Tim referred to the older ones) and all other club issues. When Tim moved to day boats and cruising, he supported the cruising captain by attending as many of the club adventures as he could. Tim loved his club rallies, official and otherwise.

I am sure if you want tall Tim tales you will find plenty of people at the bar to share some with you. Out of interest for the boat lovers amongst us, Tim’s fleet consisted of, in no particular order:

  • Mirror, Morris the moth (not foiling), Fireball, Hornet, Albacore, Leisure 17, Tracer
  • Laser (Duckley - which he sold to me), Contender (which I would have liked him to have sold to me!)
  • Drascombe (happy beach and East Head family bbq days)
  • Devon Yawl, Sonata, Shrimper
  • Last but not least his beloved ‘Tim cave” - go anywhere in the Solent, “Miss Moody”, they both sailed in the Solent and beyond. Tim had been to all the ports, harbours and anchorages big and very small over the years. His great knowledge was endless.

Tim and I had our annual pilgrimage to the Southampton boat show which we both loved. Boats we could and should have owned and kit we never knew we needed! This would keep us both on topic for most of the winter, till sailing proper started in the spring.

Tim's adventures were not restricted to Emsworth and the Solent. As the Goodhead family grew and moved on and commitments changed, Tim and Laurie had the opportunity to travel. A lovely trip to Australia whilst visiting Hattie. Trips to visit Robert in Florence and Washington and together taking weekend breaks in Europe and the UK. Tim and Laurie also had their ‘hello Europe tours’ that Mel and I were privileged to be a part of - an annual highlight for us all. With a nautical theme being the constant in most of our trips. We set a date each year, pre sailing season of course, for our city breaks. With shared interests in architecture, buildings, design, culture, beer and food in no particular order. We had great times and left with fantastic memories.

A few quick ones: 

  • Tim couldn't get over the goldfish bowl sized gin & tonic in Barcelona
  • Ordering what was possibly the World’s largest pizza for one person in Italy
  • Being bossed about by scary frauleins in Germany with very strong beers and Tim’s disgust at a drug dealer - offering his wares to everybody but not to him
  • and so many, many more

More recently Tim took up golf, I think mainly because he enjoyed the company of good friends, not sure how serious a game it was! Museum visits not only on our city breaks but in the good old UK with his friends Joe Burnie and Bob Logan.

I am sure most of you will have fond memories and stories about Tim. A man who was interested and interesting, considerate and gentle. A thinking man's sailor. A loyal friend. With his special family always in his mind. A doting father to Robert and Hattie. A loving husband to Laurie. 

It’s selfish to say - I will miss him - happy sailing Tim.


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