Please join in the exciting opportunity to help our junior sailors and have a go at winning some money!  Full info below.

November Lottery Draw results

I am delighted to announce the results of the second Lottery Draw (November).  £330 was raised by 66 ticket holders of which £165 goes to our junior sailors.  £165 was divided between three ticket winners and the forthcoming bonus draw which will be made on Friday 3 January.  The bonus draw of over £300 will be won by one lucky winner! 

Thank you to all members who have bought tickets for this very worthwhile cause and please encourage everyone to join  –the more people who join, the more money we will raise!

Winning tickets: 

1st: Ticket No. 42 – Mike Hodgetts, £30.00
2nd: Ticket No. 50 – Brian Pickersgill, £20.00
3rd: Ticket No. 44 – Mark MacIntyre, £10.00

Tom Hulton
Coordinator, Blake Fund for Young Sailors

1st: Ticket No. 52 – Claire Picken, £28.35
2nd: Ticket No. 14 – Andrew Pearson, £18.90
3rd: Ticket No. 16 – Jean Morrin, £9.45

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The Blake Fund for Young Sailors was established by the Club in 2001 following the tragic death of Peter, the celebrated New Zealand yachtsman whose home had been in Emsworth for more than 30 years.

'One of the world’s finest yachtsmen' was one of the many tributes to Peter when news of his murder by pirates in the Amazon reached Britain. He had competed successfully in six Whitbread Round the World races, sailed 600,000 miles over the world’s oceans, and led Team New Zealand to two successive America’s Cup victories. He was knighted in 1995.

He came to Emsworth after one of his first round the world races so his boat could be repaired, joined our Club, and met the then Commodore’s daughter, Pippa Glanville.

They married, and their two children, Sarah-Jane and James - well known to many Club members - inherited their parents' love for the sea and are also keen sailors.

The objective of the Sir Peter Blake Memorial Fund, administered by Pippa and the Club’s Flag Officers, is to provide grants to encourage young ESC members to improve their sailing skills.

Money is available to help to fund the cost of going on specialist courses, or of paying for specialist tuition. Contributions can also be made to help with the often substantial cost of entering major national or international racing events. The Trustees are always prepared to consider any request, providing the end result is an improvement in the applicant’s competitive skills.

Applications are welcome from any young ESC members between 14 and 24 years of age.  The application forms are normally available online or from the Club Secretaries in the Spring of each year.  They have to be returned by the stated date, so the Trustees can allocate the awards for use during the summer.

Sir Peter Blake Trust (includes his life and adventures)








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