for publication on the ESC website and in the eNewsletter

If you would like to contribute a news article, event report or photographs that might be suitable for the Club website or enewsletter then we are always keen to hear from you.However, there are a few points that will make it easier for the webmaster and newsletter editors to publish your content.

There are, of course, a few differences between types of content format for use on the website or eNewsletter and that which will be printed. In particular, content for the website generally needs to be formatted by the editor to suit the Club website design template – this ensures pictures and text fit the layout and are easily read.

News items


If you wish to submit a news item for the website, it needs to be in a form that can be easily formatted for publication, i.e. Word or Plain Text. Please do NOT submit PDFs, and make sure we have your contact details.


Items published on the website will normally be included in the eNewsletter. New items for the newsletter should be sent BOTH to the eNewsletter Editor and to the Webmaster. Copy deadlines for monthly submissions to the website and newsletter the 20th of the month. The eNewsletter is normally published at the end of the month.


Images, if submitted, should be of good size and in .jpg or similar format. They must be of adquate quality and will be resized as necessary. All images submitted must be your copyright or have the permission of the copyright holder.

Publication of images of members, especially children, has issues with regard to protecting identity.  To this end, the core principle of Club policy is that if we publish a name, we do not publish a picture.  If we publish a picture, we do not publish a name.

Images will usually be in the form of general photographs of members taking part in an activity, or of groups. Permission must be sought from subjects in either of the following cases:

  • A close-up image;
  • An occasion where we may wish to identify a subject by name.

Image content must be appropriate.  When publishing images, the subjects must be appropriately dressed.  In particular, images of Juniors sailing during the summer may well portray them wearing swimsuits.  While this dress is appropriate for the activity, it may not be appropriate for publication on the website.


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