Poster request form click to download

Extensive use is made of posters both on the website and on the Club noticeboards.  If producing your own poster, please ensure that it is suitable for publication on the website.


Submitting your own poster

This should be sent to the webmaster as a Powerpoint presentation, or if necessary in Word, and may be edited to make it suitable for publication on the website.

If it is necessary to send a pdf please note that this is unlikely to be suitable for publication on the front page.


Requesting production of a poster

If you would like to request a poster, please download a poster request form and use to send a single, complete brief covering all relevant information together with images if any to the webmaster, Christina Darby. Please give your email a relevant subject and send full info in a single email. Posters will be uploaded to the website once only, so please make sure it's right the first time!

If you have any queries please contact Christina.


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