BART'S BASH – Behind the Scenes
Ian Frogley
I am sure those of you who took part in Bart’s Bash race thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

Behind the scenes was also exciting, and somewhat daunting!

In discussion with Slipper we anticipated around 100 boats on the start line. Slipper were running the race, using their start line. It was obvious that their line was far too short, so we extended it by placing Escort over near the Thorney shore.

Then we were confronted by nearly 200 boats! ESC registered 139, which was spectacular to say the least.

Slipper asked for Escort to be placed at the far end of the finish line and to list the finishers, as a back-up to the team in the hut. Liz Stewart and I attempted to do this, but on several occasions lost the plot when there were several boats finishing very close together. One aspect that made the task even more difficult was trying to record a finish for those boats that had no sail number.

ESSC had the ‘pleasure’ of working out the results, which proved to be quite a challenge given the large number of entries.

Then we had the problem of loading those results to the Bart’s Bash website. The Bart’s Bash team provided a template for the results. Having completed the template and uploaded the results, there were a few issues that needed sorting. The Bart’s Bash team have a comprehensive list of classes with handicaps which they use to rank the finishers. However that list does not include some of the less well-known classes such as the Emsworth One Design. Also they distinguish between the Chichester and Lymington River Scow, so I have had to trawl through the results, editing them where necessary.

Request for 2015

As the event is to be held again next year, and there is as much interest again, may I ask that all boats have a sail number.

Also, it is essential that entry forms are completed clearly. The data on the entry form will eventually end up in the public domain on the Bart’s Bash website, so if you leave off the name of your crew, misspell a name or the form is illegible, any error will permeate through. There are a number of boats this year that must have had a crew, but they were not registered, so 'unknown' was very popular!


Ian Frogley
Hon. Sailing Secretary


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