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Martlets training comprises three courses: 

Martlets for Beginners
 8 – 10 week courses on the Mill Pond, broadly based on RYA Stage 1.
The objective is to get children sailing confidently and with smiles on their faces!
Course content:
• Launching and recovery from the pontoon
• Basic knowledge of the parts of the boat
• Rigging their boat with assistance
• Able to steer and understand basic principles of sailing
Martlets for Improvers
8 – 10 week course on the Mill Pond but when possible some sessions in the harbour, broadly based on RYA Stages 2 & 3.
The objective of the Improvers Course is to consolidate their knowledge and skills and build their confidence to allow them to sail on the tide in the harbour.
Course content:
• Rigging their boat without assistance
• Basic sailing skills and wind awareness
• Capsize recovery!
• Ability to control boat speed
• Sail a triangular course independently
• Basic understanding of tying knots
• To be able to participate in some racing
Advanced Martlets
6 – 8 sessions (dependent on the tide) in the harbour, broadly based on RYA Stages 3 and Start Racing.
The objective of the advanced course is to build confidence sailing in the harbour and introduce sailors to racing.
Course content:
• Launch and return to the beach or pontoons
• Sail a triangular course
• Master the five essentials 
• Improve wind awareness
• Develop racing techniques


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