5 March 2018
Thank you to everyone who came along to our Start of Season Meeting yesterday. It was great to see so many of you despite the weather.

The sign up for our Easter and Spring Junior Courses is now live. The courses we are offering are:

Start Racing Tera             

Here is a link to the website: ESC Juniors Training Sign Up

Martlets Warm Up & Kit Sale – Saturday 24 March at 2pm

A reminder about our first event this year. An opportunity to get your boats out and rigged with SI Sam Tweedle onsite to help with any questions or problems. If the weather is good you’ll have a chance to get out on the water too.

The cost for this is £6 which includes a meal from Ollie. Bryony Kent has offered to organise this, so she will be available to exchange payment for a meal token. Thank you, Bryony.

An idea that came up last night in conversation was to have a kit sale.  If you have any unwanted sailing kit you’d like sold on, please bring it down to the Club over the next couple of weeks (preferably next Saturday, 10 March).

Please label it with your name, contact number and how much you’d like for it. We will have it available for sale on Saturday 24 March. So a great opportunity if you find you’ve grown out of your wetsuit to exchange it for a bigger one ☺. Rachel Edwards and Sue Slight have offered to organise this – thank you, ladies ☺

Come on Spring, you know you want to start!


Gillian Carter
Junior Co-ordinator