The Club has space for around 375 dinghies. This is split between the Mountbatten Dinghy Park next to the beach, and the Terrace.

The southern spaces in the Mountbatten Park are available for dinghies with masts up, while the northern spaces have a condition that dinghy masts must be kept down. Masts on all boats must be taken down between 1 November and 1 March.

There are also a limited number of tender billets on the Terrace along with a rack specifically for Optimists.

It is a condition of holding a billet that the family owning the occupying boat will make use of the boat 8 times during the season, and also participate in helping to run sailing events at the Club by performing voluntary race duties.

A waiting list is in operation ready for next season. To apply for a billet, please contact the Billets Officer.

The charge for a billet varies according to the size of dinghy and/or the billet location – details are available from the Club Office


We still have a number of moorings available at the moment for boats that can dry out upright. There are no deep water moorings available and, to make matters worse, some of the deep water moorings have recently been reclassified as drying moorings. However, deep water moorings are available from the Conservancy.

The ESC moorings are of three types:

Club Moorings – these are in the main channel and we have a maintenance agreement with Chichester Harbour Conservancy.

Trot Moorings – these are inshore adjacent to the Club; they are maintained by the Club.

Fowley Rythe – mooring tackle is not provided, members provide their own. The Club is renting a site only.

Members interested in a mooring should contact the Moorings Officer.

Please let the Billets & Moorings Officers know when a boat is sold, so that Club records can be updated.


Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
Dennis Welch
Moorings Officer



















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