November 2019

Dinghy Park – Masts Down Reminder

We hope you have all had a good sailing season. Now that it is nearly at an end here’s a reminder that all masts in the Dinghy Park must be taken down by 1 November. Failure to do this will result in forfeiting the billet next year.  If this creates difficulties, we can do this for you for a donation of £20 to the RNLI.

Many thanks to all those members who helped us at the working party on 19 October. This time we were able to replace the low wooden fence between rows D & E as well as some hedge trimming and a general tidy up. If your boat is normally kept in one of the affected rows and you weren’t at the working party you may want to check that it has been left as you would like it.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
October 2019

There are still a number of boats in the dinghy park that don’t appear to have had much use so far this season. The good news is that there is still plenty of time for members to complete the eight outings required to ensure they will be offered a Billet again for next year.

The dinghy park is looking pretty shabby at the moment as some members are not cutting back the grass under their boats. Please could you all ensure that your billet is tidy, preferably before the autumn work party which takes place on Saturday 19 October.

There is already a large waiting list for Billets for next season. If you do not require a Billet for next year it would be really helpful if you could let the Billets Officers know as soon as possible to enable us to plan for next season.

And finally, we know it’s still some way away but please remember to lower your mast in the dinghy park on or before 1 November.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
September 2019

There are still a number of boats in the dinghy park that don’t appear to have had much use so far this season. Having recently carried out our monthly check of the Billets Log we have found that 36 boats have had no recorded uses at all so far this year. If you have been using your boat but have forgotten to complete the log, please do so as soon as possible otherwise you will not be offered a billet again next year.

Last month we reported on complaints about flapping halyards. If next time you visit your boat in the dinghy park you find that your halyards have been loosened or are different from when you last sailed it, this means that your halyards have been flapping against your mast, so please ensure that they are always tied out properly before you leave the Club. Next time you may find that your halyards have been removed or your mast has been lowered.

The abandoned road trailer reported in the early July newsletter is still in the dinghy park and will be removed and sold in early October if not claimed.

There is already a large waiting list for next year, so if you have any specific requirements for billets, please let us know as soon as possible.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
August 2019
The weather has been quite favourable so far this summer so hopefully many of you have enjoyed some good sailing. Just a reminder that the sign-out book needs to have eight outings recorded in it if you want to be sure of retaining your billet for next year.

The Club has received complaints from residents in the neighbouring houses about halyards flapping in the dinghy park. Please would all 'mast up' billet holders remember to tie their halyards securely away from their masts when they have finished sailing for the day. Please note the dinghy park licence states that 'When parking a craft, the halyards and other running rigging shall be secured away from, or otherwise made fast so that they cannot flap against, the mast or other spars.” And, 'a Club official may lower the mast or untie the halyards, and action will be taken in the event of persistent non-compliance.”

The ‘A’ Frame road base trailer mentioned in last month's news (see below) has still not been claimed and will be removed and sold at the end of September as it is taking up valuable space in the dinghy park.

If you have any specific requirement for billets next year, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
Early July 2019

The Mountbatten Park is looking very untidy at the moment as many members are still not cutting back the grass under or around their boats. If you haven’t been down to look at your boat for a while, please do so very soon and remember to take garden shears with you!

Billet stickers have been available in the outer office since the end of March. There are a large number of stickers still in the outer office which billet holders should have attached to their boats well before now. In previous months we have advised that if billet stickers have not been attached to boats by the end of June at the latest, the billet will not be renewed next year. That deadline has now passed therefore, if you haven’t done so already, please contact us at billets@emsworthsc.org.uk if you have not yet attached your sticker.

During July we will be carrying out an audit of all boats in the dinghy park.

The items we will be checking are as follows:

  • that all boats, kayaks, windsurfers etc. are displaying a current harbour dues plaque.
  • that boats are in the correct space and that weeds and grass have been trimmed.

Please therefore check now that your boat is in its allocated billet, your 2019 billet sticker is attached, that you have paid your harbour dues and that your billet is tidy.

Several members have been storing kayaks, windsurfers etc. in the north west corner of the dinghy park. If your craft is stored there and you have not let us know or added some form of identification, it will be disposed of. Photos of two of this month’s rogues are shown below comprising one red and white kayak and one A-Frame road base. If either of these belong to you please contact us as soon as possible or they will be disposed of.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
18 June 2019
Over recent years, mainly due to increased overcrowding on the terrace, more and more of us have been rigging and de-rigging our boats in the dinghy park. Please could everyone show some respect to our near neighbours in the Creek End bungalows by minimizing the length of time that their sails are up and flapping before and after going afloat, particularly on windy days.

Remember the Dinghy Park Licence requires that 'Masts may not be stepped at any time in dinghies parked in the northern third of Mountbatten Park'.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers


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