29 June 2018

Members have been notified of recent events of intruders onto Club property, the latest being the theft of a Club kayak.  A recent inspection of the dinghy park revealed several kayaks are not secured.  Everyone is advised to secure their own property.

The Harbour Master’s office has requested a visit to check members' boats for up-to-date harbour dues; a date will be organised in the next month.

Preparations for the hire of the Club SUP boards and kayaks are nearing completion and details will be published shortly for on-line bookings and payment.  The SUP boards are locked in the workshop, which has been adapted by Nigel, our Bosun, and Barry, our handyman, and includes Terry Pearce's sterling work altering the racking of Club tools – thanks to them all for their work.

Hire of Club dinghies is to be reduced to £10 for all classes for the month of August.  If you would like to hire one of the boats but are not sure of the rigging come along on the 1, 15, 28 or 29 July – look out for times.

The recent good weather has resulted in increased numbers of competitors for Club racing.  Please ensure buoyancy aids are worn at all times.

Escort has been repaired and is now back in action after starter motor problems.

Adverse weather reduced numbers entering The Folly cruiser race, and Slipper took the honours this year. 

Entries are needed for The Yoke on 22 September – please contact Paul Cowtan with details to ensure the correct handicap.

Finally, congratulations to ESC members Bruce Ramsay and Phil Poyner in the Round Britain and Ireland Two-Handed Yacht Race, which takes place every four years and is run by the Royal Western Yacht Club. Provisional results indicate a second place position in the monohull class!

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore Sailing
24 May 2018

Fine weather for the first May Bank Holiday encouraged a good turnout of various craft, dinghies, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for the Family Fun Sail.

Members are reminded to wear buoyancy aids on dinghies and kayaks and safety cords on paddle boards at all times.

The Club’s two new Commandoes are now commissioned and in action. One of the old ones has been sold and the other is for sale along with the Club’s Vision.  Contact rcs@emsworthsc.org.uk for details.

Two new Oppies are due for delivery on the 25 May and will join 'Swallows' and 'Amazons'.

Two inflatable paddle boards have been ordered and, along with three kayaks, will be offered for hire – details to follow.

Hire rates have been reduced for the Club Scow, and we are offering FREE sails over half term – see web site for details.

The new winch is installed and tested and only available to those who have received training. Watch for an announcement on training details.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore Sailing
24 April 2018

The new season has started well. There were good attendances at senior and junior races and Social Sailing’s first event was blessed with perfect weather.

Our fleet of Club boats is almost complete: the three new Fevas are now on the water and the RS Quest is ready for hire. Two new Oppies are due at the end of April and we are keeping Swallows & Amazons for Mill Pond use. The two new Commandos are due to be rigged in the next week.

The Vision is up for sale at £1,650 and offers are invited for the Commandos – please contact RCS via the secretaries.

Nigel Willis, our new Bosun, has been hard at work finding his way around.   He has started to look at essential maintenance on winches and trailers for the RIBs.

A new main winch has been installed and will be commissioned shortly.

Almost all of the old cable tie-downs have been replaced with chain, a mammoth task and extremely well coordinated by Neil and Kath Mant.

Race Officers – As the Club’s sailing activities expand, so does the need for people to officiate at these events. We need to increase our Race Officer and RIB Cox teams again please – please contact RCS via the secretaries.

Our thanks to all who attended the Spring Working Parties. As usual a large number of jobs were undertaken including general tidying, painting, terrace and car park cleaning.

And finally ... a plea!  Space is at a premium on the terrace and there is no provision for members’ boats to be stored. We are of course understanding of special circumstances; if any member has to leave a boat/trailer please let the office know and make sure the trailer has an identity tag.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)
23 February 2018

The Club has a vacancy for a Bosun. This vital role is to ensure that all the Club's boats are kept in a safe and serviceable condition and that the temporary race marks are available. Hours are approximately 180 per year and this is a paid position. For full details please apply in the first instance to the secretaries for a job description.

Our thanks to Mark for all his dedicated work over the years and for developing the role.

Having just received my harbour dues demand, it is a reminder for boat/dinghy/kayaking/SUP owners that they should display their harbour dues stickers before going out on the water.

Good progress is being made with RIB coxes and training for safety boat qualifications, and this will continue throughout the year.

Race Officers – due to the ever growing number of races, our race officer group is under strain.  There is an immediate need not only for new race officers but for our existing ones to raise their level of experience.  If you would like to learn how to run a pursuit race/multi series/open meeting/down harbour then please come along to the Club on Saturday, 10 March from 1000 to 1200 where I will be holding a Race Officer training session.  Come along for an update if you would like to be one of the team.  If you are a qualified Race Officer and would like to assist in training new candidates then contact rcs@emsworthsc.org.uk or sign up on the sailing noticeboard.  The absolute last situation is for races to be cancelled due to lack of Race Officers!

During the season please feel free to turn up and ask any race officer to watch the routine, they will be pleased to see/help you.

Finally, the new season fast approaches and owe have spring Work Parties will be on the 24 March and 7 April.  We need your support! Your reward will be one of Ollie’s famous pies and a pint, so please sign up on the noticeboard and remember to bring your own tools.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)
12 February 2018

This is a note to members who may possibly have missed the note in last week’s Club e-newsletter concerning the call for volunteers for on-the-water Duties.

We’ve had a great response from willing volunteers who have already filled nearly 200 duties for race officers and safety boat crews. If you should be one of the volunteers who have already signed up on Dutyman, then once again on behalf of the Club please accept our thanks.

If on the other hand you are one of the many who are still thinking about it, then time is running out to put your name down for one of the 280 duties yet to be filled. The new season is approaching fast with the first events commencing later next month, and towards the end of this week we will be starting to allocate duties to members who have not selected their own duties.

I therefore would urge all members who fall within the latter category who are fit, able and active sailors to sign up quickly on Dutyman and select the duties that best suit you.

To login to Dutyman, go to https://dutyman.biz/dmmain.aspx?id=E0001446

Rob Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)


Looking back at 2017 ...

A successful year with the cruisers taking the Folly Trophy and, for the second year, the Yoke – albeit by a narrow margin!

There are rumours that one or two of our cruiser members are going to retire this year so if any one is interested, we need new racing members to keep up our challenge to Slipper racers.

Lots of action in junior training.  Adult beginner courses, held for the first time, were well attended, with more scheduled for this year.

On the power boat scene, nine Club members undertook  safety boat training.  More is planned for 2018, so please contact the secretaries if you would like information.

Mostly mild weather resulted in good support for the Hare & Hounds series with over 50 starters recorded on some sessions.

... and on to 2018

Our Club fleet is being updated to include three new Fevas, an RS Quest and two replacement Commandos, so if you are interested in a Feva (one with a brand new hull!), or a Vision, please contact the bosun for details.

There is a very busy schedule for junior and adult training in place for 2018. Further power boat courses kick off in the spring and we are planning a stand-up paddle board (SUP) demonstration with a selection of boards to try.

There is also one entry in for the Volana Casket, so if anyone has a cruising adventure to present please contact Cruiser Captain Paul Cowtan.

Happy sailing!

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)




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