December 2019
Hello Sailors and Barflies,

Ok; let’s dispel a myth right from the off. I am not a grumpy bosun.  I offer a tough love no nonsense service that is delivered in such a manner as to get you all to think about others and keep the production line of rig, launch, sail, recover, de-rig and get to the bar as efficiently as possible.  Barrie is the grumpy one; I’m just his voice :-)

A great example of this was last weekend whereby there were over 25 boats on the terrace for Hare & Hounds (although less than half raced; more about that later), and 36 Teras turned up for racing training.  I am happy to say it all went rather swimmingly.  The majority of the Tera squad launched from the beach as it seemed the most sensible solution, so thank you to Jonathan and Peggy for insisting that happened and organising a fantastic weekend for the little terrors …. oops I mean't Teras.

The terrace is a bit manic at the moment; it always is this time of year so please be patient as I often have to move boats around so that I can move rescue boats or put Escort's trailer back between the two RIBs as someone still keeps moving it. To make it easier: you know those black round things full of air that help you stuff? Wheels, I think they are called.  They work a lot better when they are not flat at the bottom which makes them easier to push around and launch your boat.  I have pumped up some of them that I can, but others really are beyond repair and you should be considering some basic maintenance at least before leaving them on the terrace.  I recommend that you buy the solid wheels if you really do want to be maintenance free.  So if you are feeling guilty and want to give your trailer some love, please take your old wheels home and do not leave them at the Club.  The Club has to pay for someone to dispose of them.  I have a trolly jack available if you need to change your wheels and you need a couple of new lynch pins or spilt pins to hold the buggers on.

I am doing a time and motion study on all boats entered into the Hare & Hounds this year as I suspect that not all are being sailed and are using the terrace as convenient storage for a month or two, which also defers taking down your mast.  There, I said it … it’s just a theory that I am voicing out loud and I hope to be proven wrong.  However,  if your trailer wheels are anything to go by, some of them are impossible to launch which is why I mention it.  If you need a pump, come and see me – I am happy to help despite said myth.

Now the weekend does get a bit crammed with all that rigging, launching and sailing malarkey going on.  So if you have covers and tool boxes etc, rather than leave them in the middle of the terrace put them to the side between the railings and the pool.  That way any of the boats not being used at the north end of the terrace can easily be moved without tripping over your gear to the southern end, thus creating space for those that are racing to recover and store nice and neatly for the following weekend.  You know it makes sense.

I will be moving all the boats again soon as we will be getting some higher tides coming our way so I will be putting the rescue boats at the southern end as they sit higher on the trailers. So if we get some stronger onshore breezes your boats should be a little more protected from the wash.  However if your tyres are flat!  Nuff said :-)

I also notice that some people are leaving their boats on the road base (trailer) as well as the launching dolly. These are somewhat wider than the boat and once you have launched you have two trailers taking up room on the terrace .  Please can you take your road trailers home or leave them securely in the car park – between the boats is probably as good place as any as they are not going anywhere until next year.  Leave a yellow tag with your number tied to your trailer just in case you need to be contacted. Yellow tags are in the office.   Personally, unless a trailer has a boat on it it’s rather like a box of coat hangers … useless.  I really hate coat hangers especially when there is a clump of them in a box.

What else?  Ooh yes, we have had some new covers for the Bahias.  However, to fit them the booms do need to be removed.  This means it takes a few more minutes to rig. But given that we are a sailing club we should all know how to do this.  Please be careful with the clevis pins and put them back on the mast so the next person knows where to find them.  I am not trying to teach you all how to suck eggs but these are easy to lose and one distraction is all that is required for them to go missing. The sails and foils are back in the boat under the new covers.  Thank you, Jerry, for acquiring these.  

We also have one for our fourth Feva which I have nicknamed Fevabird 4; a sort of a homage to Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbird 4 only it’s obviously not yellow and it floats on top of the water. So the only similarity really then  is 4. hey ho! :-)

Some of you have asked my why Escort is still in the water. Simply, we just have not got the space on the terrace until after 15 Dec when the Hare & Hounds and the Tera training is finished.  We can then bring her back on the terrace and we have a legitimate reason to move that damn trailer :-)

So have a great festive season, put some trailer wheels on your list and remember: a bosun is not just for Christmas. We all need to be loved. Ahhhh!  

Bosun McBoatface (Nige to you)

Nigel Willis


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