December 2019/January 2020

Hello Voters

Well, was that was an interesting election – and probably no surprises to any of you. But I was tired of the mud-slinging, mis-direction of all parties and fake news. I am not the greatest about speaking politics; the whole thing leaves me cold if I’m honest, but I have taken a lot more interest recently. So now we genuinely are on a voyage of discovery.  Ok we may or may not like the person at the helm but at least we have a direction now.   

I had to admit my mum into hospital on her 78th birthday of all days.  She had feinted and hit her head, which caused he to feel very dizzy and caused motion sickness. After spending quite a few days visiting her it amazed me how many people will be spending Christmas either as a patient, visitor or staff in hospital. There is so much chaos. But, even there, visitors are oblivious to other people's needs for peace and quiet, they are so focused on their own blinkered world.  Having family chats until all hours of the mornings and listening to their mobile phone without head phones, not to mention all the staff responding to beeps and chirps from all the machines. It is a wonder that people actually get any better when it seems that the last place for rest and relaxation is a hospital. Where spatial awareness seems to be left at reception, or, worse, forgotten altogether.  Anyway, despite the irony, she is home now and on the mend.

I then started to think about why a hospital is such a warren where you can get lost in a moment if you lose concentration for a second. It seems odd that you arrive at one end of the building and have to walk to the other to go up a few floors only to walk back to where you started; it is very similar at airports. Because these places need to expand and be used 24/7 the expansion happens around moving people.  I guess that’s why they are like three-dimensional archaeological digs.  It actually makes our terrace positively ship shape and Bristol fashion by comparison, despite having a load of Unidentified Floating Objects still there waiting for the last race of the season. At least there is some sense of order as I do my bosun rounds… and tut a lot 😊

Escort is finally out; we had so much rain that the batteries could not cope with the demand from the bilge pumps. They are on trickle-charge over winter, but we may need to get some fresh ones for next season. I will start rubbing down the antifouling soon, ready for a fresh new coat in time for next season.  Oddly, I enjoy that sort of thing.

I am still available, like last year, for any work you may require on your craft if you decide that your time is more precious to you than boat maintenance.  Just let me know.

Hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy New year. Hope see you all back next decade.  2020… unlike my eyesight 😊

Bosun McBoatface  

Nigel Willis


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