Pool availability and times

Please note that, in line with Swimming Pool byelaw l), prior to 09:15 the pool is available to adults only, and no children under 7 are allowed in the pool after 1830. Read byelaw

Resuscitation qualifications

Our records show that 445 members have a valid qualification to use the pool. This list of members is on the Club noticeboard and also by the swimming pool.  

Only these members should be using the pool, so please check the lists if you are unsure. We will be doing some spot checks over the season, in line with our RYA insurance. 

If you hold an  RYA recognised or professional qualification please send the office a copy of this for our records. 

The next Club resuscitation course is Wednesday 6 September at 19:00  and costs £10. Please sign up on the Club noticeboard or ring the office to book your place. Members over 16 years of age using the pool must have a valid first aid qualification.

Thank you.

Jane Scott
Vice Commodore

All pool users must abide by ESC's Swimming Pool Byelaw, which states that:

'All members using the pool, including Juniors aged 15 and above, must have attended and passed within the last 3 years, the St John Ambulance Resuscitation Class or the Club Resuscitation Class, or be the holder of a professional qualification or an equivalent qualification approved by the RYA. Evidence of this must be provided to the office for the records.'

The Club runs regular resuscitation courses – please see noticeboard and website or enquire at the office.

Read Swimming Pool byelaw in full