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Home / Off Water / Payments with your membership card/wristband/key fob
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Home / Off Water / Payments with your membership card/wristband/key fob

Payments with your membership card/wristband/key fob

Cashless bar and tokens

All adult (18 years and above) members will be issued with a debit card-sized membership card showing their name and membership number. In addition, members can also buy a wristband or a key fob from the office. Membership cards, wristbands and key fobs are known as 'tokens'.

  • 1.Access to permitted areas of the Club

All tokens will give the member access to permitted areas of the Club, e.g. terrace, clubhouse, changing rooms, swimming pool (if authorised).

Note: Tokens allowing pool access should not be lent to other members or to juniors, because access to the pool is only given to those who hold a valid resuscitation/first aid certificate and who are therefore authorised to swim or to supervise others in the pool.

  • 2.Payment using tokens

Tokens can be charged over the bar using cash or debit/credit cards. Using your charged token for payment has the following benefits;

  • Transactions for food and drink payments are almost instantaneous
  • Tokens remove the need to bring money/cards to the Club
  • Using your token to pay for alcoholic/soft drinks at the bar will give you a 5% discount. A further drinks discount is given during the monthly Happy Hour.
  • You can choose to purchase tokens for your children and charge them so that they have their own credit balance.

Note: Tokens cannot be used to pay for membership subscriptions or for Club events bookable via the website.

3. Things you need to know about tokens

  • You can charge your token with cash at the same time as ordering a drink - just hand your token and payment to the bar staff and they will load your token and then deduct the cost of your drinks
  • Tokens can be loaded with multiples of £10 to a maximum of £500
  • When you make a purchase, you can ask for a receipt which shows the cost of the items you have bought and the balance left on your token
  • You can ask the bar staff to check your balance at any time by handing them your token
  • You can run a tab behind the bar if you're eating, but tabs must be cleared before bar closing time on that day
  • You can get the outstanding balance on your token back as cash whenever the bar is open
  • You cannot spend more than is loaded onto the token
  • No token, no drinks discount, so don't forget to bring it to the Club!
  • 4.Lost tokens

Please inform the office team if you lose a token, so that they can issue a new token and cancel the lost one. Your balance is kept in a separate bank account and not on the token, so your money won't be lost. Credit on your token remains yours until spent.

Replacement token costs membership cards £5, wristbands and key fobs £2.

  • 5.Ending your ESC membership

If you resign your Club membership, it's your responsibility to request that any funds on your tokens are repaid to you. If not;

The Club will only contact you to return a balance if it is over £50

After 3 months of resigning your membership, any balances under £50 left on a token will be transferred to the Blake Fund for Young Sailors.

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