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Home / The Club / Updated for 2024 - Swimming pool instructions
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Home / The Club / Updated for 2024 - Swimming pool instructions

Updated for 2024 - Swimming pool instructions

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The pool is an exceptional facility and one that we want members to enjoy to the full. We ask that users comply with the relevant Byelaws but are also mindful and considerate of their actions and behaviours and how these might affect other pool users, members and local residents.

The safety of users is paramount and so a member of the General Committee, a Club secretary, the Franchisee or any other Club official can ask people to leave the pool and temporarily close it for behavioural, health, safety or other reasons.


Access to the pool is via members' access cards/wristbands, to those eligible members.

Members should be aware of 'tailgating' which may enable non-eligible people into the pool enclosure.

Swimming pool use:





Pool hours:



The pool will normally be open from 08:00-20:00 hours or sunset (whichever is earlier) during the season.

There will be adult-only (over 18 years of age) swimming before 09:15 hours.



From 19:00 hours, users of the pool should not disturb those swimmers wishing to swim lengths uninterrupted.

No children under 7 years of age are allowed in the pool after 18:00 hours.

Pool users:








All members use the pool at their own risk (see Rule 26).

The use of the pool is restricted to Club members and Temporary members under Rule 14.

Guests introduced under Rule 49 are not permitted to use the pool.

Gate access to the pool enclosure is restricted to those members with an authorized membership card, wristband or key fob.

The General Committee (GC) reserves the right to remove a member's access rights to the pool if they have been in breach of these byelaws or if they behave inappropriately.


All adult members using the pool must have attended and passed an appropriate resuscitation course within the last 3 years or must hold a current relevant professional or equivalent qualification. Evidence of this must be provided to the office for the member's records.

Temporary members who wish to use the pool must certify to the office that they hold an appropriate qualification, per (i) above, for the period of their temporary membership. This may be done by the proposing member (see Rule 14).


There is to be no solo swimming. If an adult is in the water, there must be another adult present in the pool enclosure, either in or out of the water, and they must meet the requirements of (i) above. However, a member between 16-18 years of age who holds current recognized lifeguard qualification (registered with the office) can oversee adult(s) swimming.

This does not make the pool a lifeguarded facility.


All non-swimmers and members under 16 years of age using the pool or entering the pool enclosure, must be supervised by an adult from within the pool enclosure.

The adult must have one of the qualifications listed in (i) above and is allowed to look after no more than 6 non-swimmers/children.

Health, safety and hygiene:



The maximum number of people permitted in the pool at any time is 36.

A GC member, the Secretary, the Franchisee, another Club committee member or one of the Club's pool maintenance team can ask members, either individually or as a group, to leave the pool and temporarily close it if thought necessary for health, safety or other reasons.



On entering or leaving the pool enclosure, members must ensure that the gate is closed behind them, in order to prevent unauthorized entry or tailgating.

If the pool is empty when members finish swimming, they must close the pool cover (prior to getting showered and changed) to prevent unnecessary heat loss.



None of the following may be taken into the pool enclosure food, alcohol, glass or crockery (i.e. anything breakable), tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vapes.

Adult members under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot use the pool or oversee any other pool users.








All litter must be removed.

Members are asked to shower before entering the pool, especially if they have been in the sea or are wearing sunscreen.

Wetsuits, flippers, mermaid outfits, lilos, model boats, balls, noodles and any sharp objects are forbidden in the pool.

Swimming aids, such as armbands, are acceptable for less confident or non-swimmers.

Nothing is to be thrown within the pool enclosure.

There is to be no running, diving or jumping into the pool, or boisterous play in the pool enclosure.

Members causing any damage to the pool, the solar panels, the pool enclosure or the pool cover, may be charged a repair fee at the discretion of the GC.

All members using the pool are expected to be courteous to other users.

Pool opening and closing instructions

To Open - go to Control Box (in the south west corner of the enclosure) and press Open once and the pool cover will open automatically.

To Close - take the coiled blue "pulling rope" to the rolled-up cover and attach the clip to the stainless steel ring. Then, taking the rope with you, press Close once on the Control Box. You then have a minute or so to walk to the other end of the pool with the rope stand in the middle. About 30 seconds later the roller will start to unroll the cover. When this happens immediately pull the rope and proceed to pull the cover over the pool. When it reaches the end it will stop automatically. Unclip the "pulling rope" and coil it ready for the next person. Hang the coiled rope back on the hook.

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