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Club Information


Details of the function and use of the Club by members can be found in the Rules and Byelaws, which are published on the website.


Office hours

09:30 - 13:00 daily, except Wednesdays and Sundays, 25 & 26 December and 1 January.

Tel: 01243 372850

Email: Liz Summers or Victoria Lovell

Clubhouse Opening Hours

Winter Season 1 November 31 March

Monday 0900 - 1800

Tuesday 0900 - 2100

Wednesday closed all day

Thurs/Fri/Sat 0900 - 2100

Sunday 0900 - 1800

Summer Season 1 April 31 October

Daily 08:30 - 21:00

Club Management System

Emsworth Sailing Club uses a management system based on the SCM (Sailing Club Manager) package provided to many sailing clubs. The system allows all members to maintain and update their own information and preferences and to renew their membership. The system also maintains a list of member qualifications, skills and duties, and is used alongside the website to provide information to members. Members can log on to the system from any computer to check their details. Help can be provided by emailing


Our website and online programme are the best way of keeping up to date with the latest status of sailing and social events at the Club.

Social media

Follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.


Emsworth Sailing Club is a member's club that is very much reliant on volunteers to keep it running. All members are encouraged to contribute as volunteers, whether it be supporting the sailing programme, helping with our social and events programme, implementing our sustainability programme, cleaning the slipways, working parties, maintenance tasks, or supporting regattas/open meetings. Please contact the office if you would like to get involved

Committee members and meetings

Please see the website for the 'Who's Who' of committee members and meeting details.

Payments with your membership card/ wrist band

1. What are the benefits of using my membership card for payment?

Speed of service. It is an almost instantaneous transaction to pay for drinks with your charged up membership card. No digging in wallets for notes, no waiting for change.

Security. If you are a sailor or swimmer, you will no longer need to bring bulky wallets or purses to the club and leave them in the changing room or risk losing them at sea.

Security. If you drop your card, it has your name on it so you could get it back. This is not the case with cash. Your balance is stored on the system, so you will not lose that either. See FAQ No. 13 below for what happens when you lose your card.

Discounted prices. By using your card in this way you are eligible for a discount (currently 5%) on alcoholic and soft drinks.

Convenience. You will be able to avoid soggy bank notes and a pocket full of change when dressed in a swimming costume, wet suit or oilskins.

Convenience. Parents can let children use their card to make purchases. Older children can have their own card with their own credit balance.

2. OK, so how do I charge up my card?

Over the bar with cash, a debit or credit card.

3. What is the minimum amount I can put on my card?

Ten pounds.

4. Can I charge my card with cash at the same time as ordering a drink?

Absolutely! Hand your card and cash (minimum £10) to the bar staff and they will load your card immediately and then deduct the cost of drinks.

5. What if I don't have my card with me, can I still have a discount?

No card, no discount. Sorry!

6. Can I run a tab behind the bar?

Certainly, if you are dining, but tabs must be cleared before bar closing time on that day.

7. Can I get my cash back if I don't use all the money charged on the card?

You can request the outstanding balance on your card any time the bars are open.

If you leave the Club, you can request to have the outstanding balance transferred to your bank account. After 12 months of cancelling your membership /leaving the Club any balances left on a card will be transferred to the Blake Fund.

The Club will only contact you to return a balance if it is over £50.00

8. Where is the cash on my card kept?

Members' money is kept in a separate ESC bank account and is within the care of the Club until spent. Credit on your card remains yours until spent.

9. How do I know how much credit is left on my card?

Each time you make a purchase, you will be given a receipt which shows the items you have bought, the cost of those items, and the balance left on your card. You can also ask the bar staff to check your balance at any time by handing them your card.

10. My family of wife and 2 children are all members, how will our account be set up?

You may have individual accounts for each family member if you wish. Children between 10 and 16 may be issued with a card on request. There is no danger of them spending more than the amount loaded onto the card. Children under the age of 10 cannot have a membership card.

11. What happens if I lose my card?

You should report the loss as soon as possible to the secretaries, who will arrange for a replacement card to be issued. Your credit balance is not stored on the card so you will not lose any money. Your balance will be transferred to your new card. £10 for a replacement card may be charged, at the discretion of the Secretaries.

12. Apart from drink, what else can my charged up ESC Membership card be used for, eg, social functions, subscriptions?

You can use your card for any transaction that you would normally make over the bar but not online bookings or your subscription as these are paid via SCM. No card discount applies for Club functions.

Temporary membership

Temporary membership is available to house guests of members on payment of £28 for adults and £17 for children, per week. Temporary members should be accompanied by their host at all times. Request temporary membership by emailing or phoning 01243 372850.


Members are welcome to bring guests to the Club, but the same individual may not be introduced into the Club as a guest on more than six occasions in any one year or more than twice in any week, other than when attending functions. The name of each guest must be entered in the Guest Book by the introducing member, on each occasion. There are Guest Books in the hallway and bar. Members are reminded that guests may not use the swimming pool but may order and pay for food and drink in the Club, provided the member is present. All members and guests use the club premises entirely at their own risk.

Events and social activities

There are plenty of off-water activities taking place throughout the year such as monthly talks, themed suppers, BBQs, formal dinners and bridge nights. Please visit the website for more details

Private functions

Members are able to book the use of the Club for private functions and dinners. More details and a Private Functions Booking Form can be found on the website.

Swimming pool

Opening times 08002000 (or sunset if earlier) All members who wish to use the pool (i.e. supervise others or swim) should possess a current resuscitation or first aid certificate. They must have uploaded it to their membership profile or shared it with the office and must familiarise themselves with the Club's swimming pool rules and guidelines, which are posted on the Club website and the swimming pool gate. Guests are not permitted to use the pool unless registered as a temporary member through the office.

Emergency equipment

Emergency phone situated in the outer office.

First aid kits located in each of the changing rooms, the Wet Bar and the outer office.

Defibrillator at the front of the clubhouse.

The Blake Fund for Young Sailors

The Blake Fund for Young Sailors was established by the Club in 2001 following the tragic death of Sir Peter Blake, the celebrated New Zealand yachtsman whose home had been in Emsworth for more than 30 years. The Blake Fund inspires uptake, development and lifelong bonding with sailing, introducing all children to the water and nurturing the few to greater things. Its purpose is to:

1. To inspire a lifelong passion for sailing

2. To encourage young children to sail

3. To enable competitiveness in sailing. In addition to various fundraising activities throughout the year, there is a 50:50 lottery with a monthly draw to raise money for the fund.

All ESC members are encouraged to join the lottery and support our junior sailors. More details can be found here Emsworth Sailing Club : Blake Fund for Young Sailors (

ESC branded clothing

The Club has a range of ESC-branded clothing for all age groups. Please visit the website for more detail.

ESC's Bridge Club

ESC's Bridge Club meets on Tuesday evenings at 19:30 follow this link for more information Emsworth Sailing Club : Club Bridge (

ESC Working Parties

Club working parties take place in spring and autumn and involve two hours' work on a Saturday morning followed by Ollie's free lunch and a drink.

Upcoming dates are advertised on the website and the Weekly Roundup and will be bookable online.

Typical jobs include:

Seaweed clearing, Bonfire tending, Billet trimming. Grass mowing, Hedge trimming
First aid box sorting, Table painting, Floor scrubbing, Power wash handling

Please bring tools if you can: garden shears, rakes, shovels, spades, brooms, wheelbarrows all welcome!

Estates Committee

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