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Prizes, Trophies and Class Races

Unless a Notice states otherwise, only Eligible Competitors who are ESC members are eligible for ESC prizes and trophies for single races. For series races, all Eligible Competitors are eligible for prizes (i.e. things which become the aware winners' property) but only ESC members are eligible to hold ESC trophies for one year.

If the winner of an event or series for which an 'ESC only' trophy is awarded is not an ESC member, the results for the award of the trophy will be recalculated excluding all boats not helmed by ESC members, if such a class (according to GSI 13.7) does not fulfill the requirements of GSI 13.5 and GSI 13.6 the trophy will not be awarded.

The basis upon which prizes will be awarded for any event or series will be stated in a separate notice.

Whenever the Helmsman of a two person boat gets a prize so will the person who has been that Helmsperson's sole or most frequent crew throughout all those races in the Series to which the prize relates and for which that Helmsperson's Race Score corresponds to one of the individual Race Scores the sum of which determines the Helmsperson's final position.

If three or more boats with valid entries of the same class are sailing in the starting area when the starting signal is made in a handicap race, they are also deemed to be competing in a Class Race for that Class in which they will score as the only boats racing.

Class awards will be based solely on results in Class Races. A prize trophy for success in Class races of a particular Class which form part of a group of handicap races open to that Class will be awarded only if the number sailed of those Class Races as a percentage of the number sailed of those handicap races is at least:

(a) 100% - for a Series of only two handicap races sailed

(b) 50% - for a Series of only three or more handicap races sailed

(c) 25% - for a season's award not restricted to ESC members

(d) 20% - for a season's award restricted to ESC members

If a Notice about a handicap race or races announces a prize or trophy for a special category of boat such as a group of recognised classes (eg. single-handers) or boats with a specified category or persons abroad (eg juniors, ESC members only or boats with an abnormal number of people aboard such as 3 instead of 2), those awared will be made only in accordance with GSI 13.5 and 13.6, such boats consulting as a separate class.

For success solely in the same one day event no competitor will be awarded more than one prize.

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